Rotolok Make it Big!

Published - 1st Oct 2020
RV500 on rails

Rotolok always strive to meet industry and customer requirements.  Over the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for large Rotary Valves and to accommodate this, we have expanded our standard cast equipment range to include our 750mm & 915mm Rotary Valves. Even larger fabricated valves can be supplied as necessary.

3D render of a 915mm Rotary Valve

(Pictured above: Scale of our 915mm Rotary Valve)

Our larger valves are proven in various industries, one example being the cement industry where bigger valves are needed to accommodate larger quantities of product throughput. Due to the size of the valve and the type of product being handled, our valves can be made with abrasion resistant rotors and bodies, creating a piece of equipment that can stand up to the harsh requirements of the industry.

Comparison of our largest and smallest Rotors

(Pictured above: Comparison of our largest and smallest Rotors)

In addition to abrasion resistance, Rotolok offer a variety of special features that can be added to suit any system. The features include, but are not limited to: valve body inspection door; Rotolok’s easy release rail system; ATEX barrier protection; specialised rotors such as adjustable tips and reduced capacity. Our standard valve bodies are made from Cast Iron or Cast Stainless Steel but, depending on your product and application, can be fabricated from Mild or Stainless Steel. Rotolok also has the capabilities to fabricate non-standard Rotary Valves bespoke to your existing system.

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